Honors students in good standing can earn academic credit (HONS 4800H, HONS 4801H, or a departmental equivalent) for participation in an internship under the supervision of a faculty advisor. To earn credit hours, students must complete academic work in addition to duties as an intern.

It is up to you, as the student, and your faculty mentor to determine the assignments and evaluation criteria for this academic work.

Applications are due on the third day of drop/add for the semester in which you are applying.

How do I get started?

  1. Find an internship and obtain an offer to work for that organization. This offer must explicitly say that the internship will involve at least 240 hours of work (for a three-credit course) or 480 hours of work (for a six-hour course). We do not keep a list of internships or otherwise connect students to these opportunities.
  2. Identify a potential faculty advisor and ask if they would serve as the instructor of record (or faculty mentor / advisor) for your internship course. Your faculty mentor will help you determine the appropriate academic work to maximize your benefit from this internship experience and will evaluate your work and submit your final course grade.
  3. Complete and submit the Honors Internship Course Credit Application, as well as all required documentation, before the application deadline.
  4. If you enroll in a departmental internship course, you must complete the Honors Internship Course Credit Application in order to receive Honors notation for the course.

Faculty advisors

Only full-time faculty can serve as the faculty advisor for an Honors internship course. If you have someone in mind, ask them if their position is a full-time faculty appointment. Graduate students, including PhD students, cannot serve as faculty mentors.

Faculty mentors must be credentialed in some way that directly relates to the field of the internship, or the assignments must be tailored to the faculty mentor’s area of expertise.

Our office does not identify or match potential faculty mentors with students.

Departmental internships

You must complete the Honors Internship Course Credit application in order to receive Honors notation for a departmental internship course.

  1. Fill out the Honors Internship Course Credit Application.
  2. When the application asks for the course prefix, select “Other (this is a departmental internship course -and- I have spoken to the corresponding department)”.
  3. This will prompt follow-up questions, such as the departmental prefix, course number, course registration number (CRN), and whether you would like the internship considered for Capstone or non-Capstone credit.

Departmental internship courses can partially satisfy the Honors Capstone requirement, but only if the course requirements meet or exceed the requirements for HONS 4800H. You must still complete the other Capstone requirements. If you do not intend to use the internship course toward an Honors capstone, you may instead use it as one of your nine required Honors courses—in this case, the departmental internship course must meet or exceed the requirements for HONS 4801H.

Differences between HONS 4800H and 4801H

  • Honors Capstone: HONS 4800H counts as part of the Honors Capstone in combination with approved Honors research hours through CURO. HONS 4801H does not count as part of the Honors Capstone; it counts as an upper-division Honors course.
  • Minimum work hours: The work hours are the same for both. HONS 4800H and HONS 4801H is 240 for 3 hours of credit; 480 for 6 hours of credit. Each can count as only one Honors course regardless of number of credits. Neither course is repeatable.
  • Course grading: Grading is A-F for HONS 4800H and pass/fail for HONS 4801H.
  • Employment verification and evaluation: For both HONS 4800H and HONS 4801H, students must submit a letter of verification on the company / organization letterhead or a confirmation email from the organizational contact. The message must indicate the internship placement and dates of the internship experience.
  • Course description: As part of the application, students must identify all academic assignments, a schedule of contacts between the student and faculty member and other pertinent academic information.
  • Assignments: For HONS 4800H, students must complete and submit coursework comparable to a senior-level seminar (significant research paper or papers, substantial literature review / analysis, or comparable digital artifact). For HONS 4801H, students must complete and submit a summative reflection paper and description of the internship or some comparable digital artifact. For both HONS 4800H and HONS 4801H, a copy of the final project must be submitted to the Morehead Honors College at [email protected].
  • MOU: HONS courses require us to complete a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the student’s internship site. We do this directly with the internship site, but cannot release a CRN to the student until the internship site signs the MOU. As a result, the later a student submits an HONS internship course application, the more likely that the student will need to complete additional late-add paperwork.

Registering for the course

  • Submit the Honors Internship Application, with all required documentation, by the application deadline.
  • You will receive an email from the Honors College after your faculty mentor and our team approve your application. If it is an HONS-prefixed course, that email will contain course registration instructions (e.g., the CRN).
  • Note that we do not give CRNs for departmental internships. We also cannot give CRNs if the application is incomplete (e.g., we do not have all documentation needed).
  • It is your responsibility, once obtaining the CRN, to complete the course registration in Athena. We cannot register students for courses.

More about finding an internship

The UGA Career Center has more information on internships and how to get started finding an internship. Read more here.

The Morehead Honors College provides funding and access to specific internships in Washington, D.C.; New York; and Savannah. Learn more information about these opportunities.

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