From your first semester to your final months as an undergraduate, the University of Georgia offers you opportunities to get involved in undergraduate research.

The Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO) is housed and operated within the Morehead Honors College. Open to all undergraduates pursuing faculty-mentored research in topics ranging from international affairs to gene editing, CURO is a resource we provide for any undergraduate studying at UGA, even first-year students.

Opportunities offered to all students at UGA include:

  1. CURO Research Award, a $1,000 one-semester stipend, is awarded to 500 outstanding undergraduates each year from across the university campus who are engaged in active research
  2. CURO Symposium, an annual event hosted each spring at the Classic Center, offers an opportunity for students to communicate their faculty-mentored research to the broader community through oral sessions and poster presentations
  3. CURO Conference Participation Grant offers funding support for students presenting their research at conferences across the U.S., up to $1,500 a semester

CURO Honors Scholars

In its mission to promote sustained, progressive, and faculty-mentored research opportunities, CURO also offers the CURO Honors Scholarship for prospective Honors students. CURO Honors Scholars receive $3,000 in funding each year and participate in mentoring and community support opportunities, seminars, workshops, events, and activities. CURO Honors Scholars set their research agenda during their first semester at UGA, and can conduct research in any discipline.

UGA Office of Research

The Office of Research at UGA is faculty-focused—and an excellent resource to learn about which faculty members you may want to connect with and contact about research opportunities. To learn more about the many initiatives, projects, and programs supporting research at UGA, visit the Office of Research website.

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