Morehead Honors College academic advisors work with you to help you plan for your academic future. We are here to guide you through your options and opportunities for academic programs of study, review degree requirements and course selections, and connect you to resources for academic and personal success. We expect you to be both prepared for and engaged in the advising experience throughout your time at the University of Georgia.

Students who are new to the University of Georgia will be advised and cleared to register at Orientation.

Make an advising appointment

Honors advisors typically begin advising appointments approximately two weeks following the end of drop / add each fall and spring semester. Early registration dates are published on the registrar’s website.

You can schedule your advising appointment online in SAGE, the Student Advising and Guidance Expert.

Honors advisors are the primary advisors for most arts & sciences majors with fewer than 60 hours earned, as well as intended business and intended journalism majors. Please see the bottom of this page for some important exceptions.

If you have recently changed your major and have not been reassigned, or if you encounter difficulties making an appointment, please email your Honors advisor or You may cancel or reschedule your appointment up to 24 hours in advance in SAGE.

Important exceptions

ALL arts & sciences majors with over 60 hours earned MUST be advised by the major department; no Honors appointment is necessary. We encourage you to email your Honors Advisor or to attend drop-in hours with Honors-specific questions following your major advising appointment.

The following arts & sciences departments begin advising majors before 60 hours are completed:

Four-year advising in department

45 hours earned to department

  • Classical culture / language majors with over 45 hours earned, contact Dr. Mario Erasmo.
  • Geography majors with over 45 hours earned, contact Ryan Smith.
  • Geology majors with over 45 hours earned, contact Dr. Rob Hawman.

Second year at UGA to department

  • Cellular biology majors in your second year of UGA enrollment, contact Danielle Bostick.
  • Physics majors in your second year of UGA enrollment, contact Dr. B.J. Cooley.
  • Astrophysics majors in your second year of UGA enrollment, contact Dr. J.P. Caillault.
  • Sociology majors in your second year of UGA enrollment, contact Kathy Lou.
  • Spanish, Romance languages, and French majors in your second year of UGA enrollment, contact Kate Daley-Bailey.

Honors students in all other schools and colleges (for example, CAES, education, engineering, SPIA) will have a primary advisor in your college. You may come to drop-in hours for Honors questions or follow up with an Honors advisor as needed, but an Honors advisor cannot clear you for registration.

Intended business majors who are applying to Terry this semester will NOT be advised by Honors. You will be advised by your Terry major advisor following acceptance.

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