Visiting the Morehead Honors College

There isn’t an Honors information session available on the date that I want to visit. What do I do?

You can schedule a visit with a member of the Honors Recruitment Team at For questions or assistance with booking a visit, please email or call 706-542-3240.

During my visit to UGA, I would like to sit in on an Honors class. Is that an option?

The Morehead Honors College does not set up individual class visits. More information on available campus visits and tours is available through the UGA Visitors Center.

Do Honors information sessions include a tour?

Honors information sessions do not include a tour. However, you can schedule a tour the same day through the UGA Visitors Center.

Applying to the Honors College

How do I apply to the Morehead Honors College?

Apply to the Morehead Honors College here.

What can I do to improve my chances of being accepted into the Morehead Honors College?

We value students’ contributions within and beyond the classroom. Rigor of high school curriculum, high school grade point average, and standardized test scores (SAT and/or ACT) are all basic factors considered in Honors admission. To improve your chances, take a challenging schedule of high school classes including Advanced Placement (AP) and/or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses. We evaluate transcripts and students based on the number of challenging courses they took compared to the number offered at their high school. Weighted grade point averages are taken into consideration, with specific emphasis on the core classes taken during high school. We look at SAT scores on the 1600 scale. For more information on the average SAT/ACT scores and GPA for Honors students, see the first-year profile on our Fast Facts page.

Does the Morehead Honors College track demonstrated interest?

We DO NOT consider demonstrated interest in our review process.

If I am not automatically accepted into the Morehead Honors College, do I have to apply?

Yes, if you are not automatically accepted into the Morehead Honors College, you must apply using the Honors application.

Where can I find information about the credit I will receive for my AP, IB, or SAT II subject tests?

The University of Georgia recognizes Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, SAT Subject Tests, Cambridge A Level, and Cambridge AICE programs. The Office of the Registrar keeps an updated list of the credits awarded for these tests. See the Credit from Testing page for details. Questions about credit from testing should be directed to the Office of the Registrar.

What is the Morehead Honors College’s policy on students who are dual enrolled at UGA?

Students who have dual enrollment at UGA will be treated with a high school senior status. Students will be eligible to apply for the Foundation Fellowship just like any other high school senior, and must comply with the deadlines as such. Students must complete the Honors application to be considered for the Morehead Honors College, and will be eligible to take Honors classes, if accepted, beginning in the summer or fall after high school graduation. Students who do not apply as incoming freshmen will be eligible to apply for first-semester entry during their first semester at UGA.

Students with dual enrollment status will not be eligible to take Honors classes until they have graduated from high school and have been accepted through the Honors application process. Exceptions can be made through a written appeal to the dean of the Morehead Honors College and by special permission of the faculty member teaching the requested Honors class.

Does the Morehead Honors College offer any scholarships?

We offer two academic scholarships—the Foundation Fellowship and the CURO Honors Scholarship. Both scholarships require separate applications and have separate deadlines. Most academic (merit-based) scholarships for first-year students are awarded during the Admissions process. A list of UGA scholarships is available through Admissions.

Is there a residence hall for Honors students?

Myers Hall is the residence hall for the Morehead Honors College and is home to about 290 of our first-year Honors students, which gives them the opportunity to live and study in a learning community of like-minded peers. Myers Hall features a large lobby, a community space with a working piano, and conference rooms for student use.

If accepted into the Morehead Honors College, do I have to do anything to accept my seat?

Accepted students simply need to commit to UGA by the national commitment deadline of May 1 to finalize their acceptance into the Morehead Honors College

General information about the Honors College

What are the benefits of being in the Morehead Honors College?

The Morehead Honors College combines the sense of community fostered within a  small liberal arts college environment with the resources of a major public research university. Students in the Morehead Honors College experience the best of both worlds.

Resources we offer our students include:

  • Smaller class sizes through Honors courses
  • Lunchbox lectures
  • Book discussions
  • Magnet housing through the Myers Residence Hall
  • Personalized advising
  • Priority registration (after the first semester on campus)
  • Financial support for undergraduate research, study abroad, internships, etc.
  • Mentorship
  • Professional development

Where can I find information about undergraduate research at UGA?

UGA’s Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO) is housed within the Morehead Honors College, and the CURO office is located on the second floor of Moore Hall. CURO is open to all undergraduates, giving them the opportunity to conduct faculty-mentored research in any discipline as early as their first year at UGA.

What are the differences between Honors sections and regular course sections at UGA?

Three areas in which our students are likely to see differences within their Honors course sections are smaller student-to-faculty ratios, more emphasis on discussion and group work, and increased faculty expertise.

What are the requirements to graduate from the Morehead Honors College at UGA?

In addition to completing an Introduction to Honors course during your first semester as an Honors student, our students are expected to take a minimum of nine Honors classes and maintain a 3.4 average GPA during their time at UGA. More information is available on our Graduation Requirements page.

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Welcome to the Morehead Honors College! Whether you are a current Honors student, a high schooler or parent looking for more information, or an Honors alum, we have events scheduled just for you.

Our calendar includes upcoming information sessions, external scholarship application deadlines, lunchbox lectures, book discussions, important semester dates, and events for our alumni and friends, among other items.

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