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The University of Georgia begins a review, known as the Brumbaugh Self-Study, which initiates the possibility of an Honors Program at UGA.


A committee is appointed by John O. Eidson, dean of the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, to work out the practical details of an Honors Program. C. Jay Smith, Jr. is chairman of the initial committee and becomes the Honors Program’s first director.


A proposal for an Honors Program is adopted in March 1960. By fall 1960, 43 students are enrolled, and the first Honors courses are in place. The seven courses are in chemistry, history, philosophy, geometry, French, and political science.


The Honors Program grows to 13 course sections during winter term. Student enrollment increases to 126 by the spring.


The graduating class of 1964 includes 19 Honors Degree recipients, whose achievements are recognized by the phrase “Honors Program” on their diplomas.


The Honors Program Student Committee, today known as the Honors Student Council, is constituted. It consisted of 15 Honors students who contributed their efforts in recruitment, publicity, and other administrative affairs.


Lothar Tresp is named director of the Honors Program after serving as acting director starting in 1965. He first joined the Honors Program as a faculty advisor in 1963.


The Outstanding Honors Professor Award is established in recognition of superior teaching and dedication to Honors students in senior faculty members. Charles Bullock—who is now the Richard B. Russell Chair in Political Science, Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor, and University Professor of Public and International Affairs—is its first recipient.


Fred F. Manget is the first Honors student to be named a Rhodes Scholar and the 15th at the University of Georgia. He graduated from UGA in 1973 with a degree in political science.


Honors student and history major Jonathan Gould is named UGA’s first Truman Scholar.


The designations “High Honors” and “Highest Honors” are awarded to 23 graduating Honors students. The designations were instituted in 1982.


The Honors Program celebrates its 25th anniversary.


The Outstanding Honors Professor Award is renamed the Lothar Tresp Outstanding Honors Professor Award in recognition of Lothar Tresp (1927-2019), former Honors Program director. The J. Hatten Howard III Award, named after late geology professor J. Hatten Howard III (1939-1992), is established to recognize faculty members who exhibit special promise in teaching Honors courses early in their careers.


UGA receives its first two Barry M. Goldwater Scholars: Thomas A. Bryan and Robert M. Sutherland were Honors students and Foundation Fellows.


The Foundation Fellowship, the top academic scholarship for undergraduates at UGA, is moved under the administration of the director of the Honors Program. The fellowship was founded in 1972 by University of Georgia Foundation Trustees.


The Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO) is established at UGA and housed within the Honors Program.


Jere W. Morehead, now the 22nd president of the University of Georgia, is named the director of the Honors Program. Before becoming UGA president in 2013, he served as senior vice president for academic affairs and provost.


The Honors Program moves into the remodeled and rededicated Moore Hall building, which is adjacent to Herty Field. Completed in 1876, the building housed the State College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts and various other departments, including engineering, physics, astronomy, romance languages, and others until its rededication.


Semil Choksi is named UGA’s first Gates Cambridge Scholar. An Honors and Foundation Fellow alumnus, he majored in genetics and mathematics.


Kacie Moreno-Schoen Darden becomes UGA’s first Udall Scholar. An Honors and Foundation Fellow alumna, she completed a bachelor’s degree in ecology and a master’s degree in conservation ecology and sustainable development.


David S. Williams is named director of the Honors Program. He is the first recipient of the Jere W. Morehead Distinguished Professorship, a title held by all subsequent deans of the Morehead Honors College.


Katherine H. A. Vyborny is named UGA’s first Carnegie Junior Research Fellowship recipient. An Honors and Foundation Fellow alumna, she majored in economics and international affairs.


Christina Faust, an Honors student and Foundation Fellow who earned a dual bachelor’s/master’s degree in ecology, is named UGA’s first Mitchell Scholar.


The Honors Program celebrates its 50th anniversary. Honors alumnus James C. Cobb, now the B. Phinizy Spalding Professor Emeritus in the UGA Department of History, discusses his experience as an Honors student and professor in a talk entitled, “It seems like only 50 years ago: A half century of Honors at UGA.”


Torre Lavelle, an Honors student and Foundation Fellow who majored in ecology and environmental policy, is named UGA’s first Schwarzman Scholar during the graduate fellowship’s inaugural year.


Shawn Foster, an Honors student who majored in cognitive science and linguistics, is named UGA’s first Beinecke Scholar.


Anita Qualls, an Honors student who majored in biology, is named UGA’s first Churchill Scholar.


The Honors Program celebrates its 60th anniversary.


The Honors Program is named the Jere W. Morehead Honors College in May as part of a $12 million campaign effort led by University of Georgia Foundation trustees and emeritus trustees. David S. Williams is named founding dean of the Morehead Honors College.


Margaret A. “Meg” Amstutz is named dean of the Morehead Honors College in August.

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