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The Honors International Scholars Program (HISP) supports Honors students engaging in overseas opportunities by providing scholarships with an average range of $2,500 to $5,000. HISP funding can be used for traditional university-sponsored study abroad programs, university-to-university exchanges, language institutes, internships, and research and public service projects.

HISP awards are merit-based, taking into account GPA (minimum 3.5), quality of essays, and fit of the program to the student’s academic and professional goals. The amount of each award depends upon program costs, financial need, and funds available. Applicants must be in their second or third year of college at the time of application (based upon date of enrollment, not credit hours).

HISP in 2022
For 2022 travel, HISP applications will be divided into two cycles. The first application will support travel during spring semester of 2022 (with a start date of late December 2021 through April 2022), and will be due November 1, 2021. A second application will support travel during Maymester, summer, and fall of 2022, and be due mid-January 2022; this second application will be made available mid-November 2021.

The Honors International Scholars Program is made possible through the generous support of the Malon Courts Scholarship Fund, the Malon Courts Scholarship Trust Fund, the Arroll Honors Scholarship Fund, the Buck Honors Support Fund, the Carmical Honors Fund, the Cathy and Bert Clark Honors International Fund, the Charles Gowen Honors Fund, the Hicks Honors Support Fund, the Langston Honors Fund, the Lanier International Study Fund, the Parents Society Honors Support Fund, the Neal and Libby Quirk Fund, the Monika Schaaf Riely Honors International Study Abroad Program, the Shelton Honors Support Fund, the Turner Honors Fund, Walkenspaw Honors Support Fund, Wild Honors Scholarship, and the Willson International Scholars Fund.

For more information, contact Maria de Rocher, Assistant Dean & Director of Student Engagement and Programming, at

Download the current Honors International Scholars Application.

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