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The Honors Network has a new look and several new features. Please review NETWORK NEWS and NETWORK TIPS so you'll know how these changes affect you.

Current HONS 1000H students should also read NETWORK INSTRUCTIONS FOR HONS 1000H STUDENTS.

After reviewing the recommended items, proceed to the STUDENT LOGIN PAGE.


The Honors Network now includes all of the following:

  • Procedures for applying for Morehead Honors College graduation distinctions - for more details, see EXIT REVIEW TAB.
  • Multiple profile sections (tabs) – to record information about many aspects of your Honors experience (e.g., research, travel-study, internships, civic engagement, awards, courses). For further details, see My main profile link under NETWORK TIPS.
  • “My main profile" and "My HONS 1000H Portfolio" links near the top of the screen - these lead to screens which make it easier to create, view and edit your profile entries and HONS 1000H Portfolio. For details, see the corresponding sections under NETWORK TIPS.


  • All students are encouraged to complete an Honors Network profile and an Exit Review before graduating or otherwise leaving the Morehead Honors College.
  • All applications for Honors Graduation Distinction must be submitted via the Honors Network and the Exit Review tab.
  • Prior to completing the Exit Review, students must complete other profile entries, including the courses list, which is a listing of all Honors courses and graduate-level courses taken.


Account availability and credentials:

  • New Honors students will generally have Honors Network accounts by the third week of their HONS 1000H class.
  • Your Honors Network username is your UGA MyID (the same usernamne and password you use for Athena and eLearning Commons).
  • DO NOT use any "change password" feature you see on an Honors Network account screen.
  • Make any password changes only through UGA’s MyID Tools and Information webpage at Changes made should work within 30 minutes.

Account security – particularly important on any shared computer:

  • DO NOT allow the web browser to save your password.
  • Always logout of the Honors Network AND close your browser when you are finished working in the system. IMPORTANT: The Honors Network now uses UGA's Central Authentication System (CAS) for authentication, and if you log out of the Honors Network but do not close your browser, the next person who tries to log into Athena, eLC, or another website that uses CAS will inadvertently end up in your account!
  • To log out of the Honors Network, click the LOGOUT link near the top of your home screen, wait for a response, and then close the web browser.

General navigation:

  • Once you are logged into the Honors Network, you’ll see the home screen for your account. There will be links labeled MY MAIN PROFILE, MY HONS 1000H PORTFOLIO, and LOGOUT near the top, menu items to the left, information specific to you in the middle, and a small calendar  to the right.
  • Use the MY MAIN PROFILE link to create, view, or edit your profile. Further details are provided below.
  • The MY HONS 1000H PORTFOLIO link is used for storing your HONS 1000H section information and portfolio. Further details are provided below.
  • To view information about events, click on any of the following: the EVENTS menu item in the left column, the month link in the small calendar at the top of the right column, or an individual event link in the UPCOMING EVENTS listing in the middle column. Further details about registering for events are provided below.
  • To search for potential faculty mentors in our revitalized Honors Faculty Mentor Network database, click the FACULTY MENTOR SEARCH link in the left-hand menu.

My main profile link:

  • Use to create, view, or edit your profile. Note that certain fields on the BASIC INFO and ACADEMICS tabs must be filled in with valid entries before you can successfully save your Honors Network profile for the first time. These required fields are marked with asterisks.
  • When you click on the MY MAIN PROFILE link, the View screen for your profile will appear. Once you add information to your profile, most of your entries will be displayed on this View screen.
  • Just below the heading on the View screen, you'll see the words VIEW and EDIT and EVENTS. These are horizontal navigation tabs. Use them to switch from the View screen to an Edit screen or to your EVENT REGISTRATION HISTORY. To create a new profile or to edit existing profile entries, click on the EDIT tab.
  • On both the View and Edit screens, you'll also see tabs running down the left side. These are vertical navigation tabs. Use them to move between various sections of your profile. As of January 2014, profiles have 11 vertical navigation tabs (Basic Info; Academics; Activities & Awards; Resume/CV; Research Conferences, Publications, Fellowships; Research Experience; Travel-Study Experience; Internships & College Work Experience; Gallery; Courses; and Exit Review).
  • There is a SAVE button at the bottom of every Edit screen. Every time you click SAVE, check the top of the screen for messages about entries that are missing or invalid. Your profile entries will not be saved until all errors are corrected. Save frequently when you are in Edit mode. Changes on any given Edit screen will be lost unless you successfully save them before navigating away from that tab.

My HONS 1000H Portfolio link:

  • Use for storing your HONS 1000H section information and portfolio
  • If you are a current HONS 1000H student, your Honors Teaching Assistant will ask you to do the following in the Honors Network early in the semester
    • enter and save your HONS 1000H section information, and
    • create and save your main profile.
  • By the posted due date, you will need to return to upload and save your final HONS 1000H Portfolio.
  • See NETWORK INSTRUCTIONS FOR HONS 1000H STUDENTS for step-by-step instructions and recommendations.

Viewing and signing up for events:

  • After clicking on an event and reviewing details about it, click the REGISTER link if you want to register for it.
  • When you have filled in all required registration fields, be sure to click SAVE.
  • You will receive an email confirming your registration.
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