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Honors Network Tips for HONS 1000H

HONS 1000H students are required to create a profile in the online Honors Network, fill in two additional pieces of information specific to HONS 1000H, and upload a portfolio. The following tips will help you successfully fulfill these requirements.

Log in to the network early in the semester and complete all required fields on the Profile and Academics tabs.

  • Every field marked with an asterisk on the Profile and Academics tabs must be filled in before the system will allow you to save any of your entries.
  • Follow the guidelines on the Honors Network Student Portal page.

Accurately enter your HTA MyID and Call Number by the due date for these entries.

  • Your Honors Teaching Assistant (HTA) will give you the HTA MyID and Call Number specific to your section of HONS 1000H and ask you to enter those into your profile by a certain due date.
  • Both timeliness and accuracy are important. Soon after the due date for these entries, your HTA will receive a list showing which profiles have accurate entries for HTA MyID and Call Number. These entries will facilitate submittal of HONS 1000H grades at the end of the semester.
  • To make the entries, log back in to the network, click on the MyAccount link, then click on the Academics tab on the left side. Scroll down to the section titled "1000H Portfolio."
  • Enter your HTA’s MyID in lowercase.
  • Enter your 5 digit course call number in nn-nnn format.
  • Be sure to click “Save” after making these entries. If you have not previously filled out all required entries on the Profile and Academics tabs, the system will display error messages at the top of the screen after you press "Save". Your HTA MyID and Call Number entries will not be saved until you complete all required entries.

When you are ready to upload your portfolio:
  • You will need a copy of your portfolio in Word or PDF format. Please give it a filename of the form, "lastname-firstname-portfolio.doc" (or .docx or .pdf).
  • Before uploading your file, make certain that the document is not open in Word, Acrobat or any other application.
  • Log back in to the network, click on the MyAccount link and return to the "1000H Portfolio" section of the Academics tab. This is where you will upload your portfolio.
  • Click the Browse button and retrieve the file for your portfolio. Once the path to your file is in the box, click the Upload button.
  • Once you have uploaded your portfolio and verified that all entries are up-to-date for your profile, click "Save" at the bottom of the Academics tab.
  • Be sure to log out using the "Logout" link near the top of the web page.


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