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An Honors Option is an opportunity for students in the Morehead Honors College to have an Honors experience and earn Honors credit in 3000-level courses or higher. These courses must be taught by faculty members, not graduate students. Students cannot apply for Honors Options for 1000- or 2000-level courses or for courses taught by graduate students.

Instructors who agree to provide an Honors Option for an Honors student can offer different Honors Experience pathways, including the following options:

  • Involving the student in a course-related research project
  • Giving the student a more in-depth class experience study through additional readings and small assignments
  • Working throughout the semester with the student on a special project
  • Allowing the student to prepare a course lesson and give a class presentation
  • Assigning the student a comprehensive annotated bibliography or significant paper

The Morehead Honors College gives individual instructors the freedom to explore different opportunities and determine what is most fitting in each situation.

Instructions for requesting an Honors Option

  1. You must first discuss the possibility of doing an Honors option with your instructor.
  2. You must then agree on a detailed description and timeline of the additional work you will need to complete to receive Honors credit.
  3. After you take the previous steps, download and complete the Honors Option Application, Part 1. Do not submit the application unless you have reached an agreement with your instructor.

Please note this is only valid for current courses, not past courses.

The deadline for the Honors Option Application, Part 1 is 10 days after drop/add.

Faculty with Honors Option questions can find more information here.

Students, after you have finished your additional paper or project, download and complete the Honors Option Application, Part 2. See the form for additional instructions.

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