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Each fall, the Jere W. Morehead Honors College welcomes an entering class whose size and academic profile compare with the country’s elite liberal arts colleges. 

Scheduled Honors Courses

More than 250 courses offer an Honors section taught by faculty selected to teach Honors students. Faculty use innovative teaching approaches to dig deep into their disciplines. With an average of 17-20 students per section, these courses allow for faculty-student relationship building.

All students are required to take a minimum of nine Honors sections and maintain at 3.4 average GPA to graduate with Honors. Students interested in graduating with High or Highest Honors are required to complete a capstone experience consisting of graduate courses, a senior thesis, or a special project prior to graduation.

Many of these courses will satisfy core curriculum requirements in all schools and colleges.

Undergraduate Research

The Center for Undergraduate Research (CURO), administered by the Morehead Honors College, promotes undergraduate research at UGA by engaging top faculty, encouraging undergraduate students to complete research, and helping students find lifelong mentors. CURO considers students to be partners in the earning community and believes they are part of the process of creating knowledge.

Honors students can participate in CURO from their very first days on campus and may continue to participate throughout their undergraduate years. For more information, visit the CURO website.

Learn about funding through the CURO Honors Scholarship.

Honors Internships

Each summer, the Honors Internship Program offers students the opportunity to live and work in New York, Savannah, and Washington, D.C.. Internship placements include congressional offices, government agencies, think tanks, media companies, law firms, and nonprofit organizations.

Travel and Study Abroad

The Honors International Scholars Program encourages students to engage in opportunities abroad. Scholars use their stipends to fund overseas study, intensive language training, internships, public service, and research.

Participation in Graduate Courses

Honors students with sufficient background are encouraged to participate in graduate courses, with the approval of the department, the Morehead Honors College, and the Dean of the Graduate School.

Double Dawgs

The Double Dawgs program permits qualified undergraduates to pursue a curriculum leading to a bachelor's and a master's degree in five years or less. Visit the Double Dawgs website at for more information on this opportunity.

Advising and Registration

The Morehead Honors College provides access to a team of professional advisors who can individually assist students through advisement. Honors students are also given priority registration for all classes taught at the University.

Career Preparation

The Morehead Honors College believes in the importance of setting students up for success beyond UGA. To assist in internship, scholarship, graduate work, or job applications, Honors College staff members work alongside students to review cover letters, resumes, personal statements, and interview skills.

Involvement Opportunities

Through the Morehead Honors College, students can find a multitude of involvement opportunities, helping to make their resume more holistic and well rounded. From joining the Honors Student Council to being an Honors Ambassador or serving through the Thomas Lay After-School Program, students are able to serve their university, the Morehead Honors College, and their communities.

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