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Current UGA Student Applicants (First Semester Entry)

First-Semester Entry is the process through which current first-year UGA students in their first semester at the university may apply for acceptance into the Morehead Honors College. The first-semester entry application process is the only opportunity that current UGA students have to apply for Honors acceptance.

You must meet the requirements outlined below during your first semester in order to be eligible to apply.

The requirements include:

  • 3.8 cumulative University of Georgia GPA
  • 14 credit hours for the semester in which you are applying (all must be graded A-F)

Credit hours earned through Advanced Placement, summer classes, or joint/dual enrollment courses will not be counted toward this minimum credit hour requirement. However, grades earned through summer classes or joint/dual enrollment courses taken at UGA will be counted toward the minimum GPA requirement.

Entry into the Morehead Honors College is competitive. The fulfillment of the requirements listed above does not constitute automatic admission into the Morehead Honors College. In addition to the fulfillment of the requirements listed above, applications will be evaluated based upon UGA grades, rigor of coursework, and the overall quality of the application, including required essays and a faculty recommendation.

You must submit an application by Reading Day of your first semester to be eligible for acceptance. In all cases, you will not know your exact cumulative University of Georgia GPA before the application deadline. However, you must submit your application by the deadline in order to be considered. Admissions decisions will not be made until all grades have been posted.

Students who apply for entry during their first term will be notified of the Morehead Honors College decision via their UGAMail account over the semester break and given the opportunity to register for Honors courses for the following semester if accepted.

Applications are due Reading Day, December 8, 2021, by 5 p.m. ET.

For students who are applying for First Semester Entry, your instructor's recommendation letter must be emailed as an attached Word document or PDF to from your professor's or TA's UGAMail email address. Your instructor must use the subject line "FSE recommendation letter."

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