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vineet raman, india, 2019-2020

Fulbright Year: 2019-20
Country: India
Proposal Type: Research
Proposal Title: Health Inequities Among India’s Tribal Population in Southern Karnataka
UGA Undergraduate Majors: Biology, Spanish, and Latin American & Caribbean Studies
Graduation Date: Spring 2019
Hometown: Marietta, Georgia

Vineet Raman’s career plans center on healthcare and wellbeing, with his primary goal being that all people — especially vulnerable populations — have access to health providers and resources for their basic and health-related needs.

Vineet aspires to deliver culturally competent, evidence-based patient care and also contribute to the field of health services research, focusing on communities in need. He plans to use direct patient contact, outreach, and policy to improve the health of both individuals and communities.

For his Fulbright-Nehru experience, Vineet – a Ramsey Honors Scholar who graduated in May 2019 with degrees in biology, Spanish, and Latin American and Caribbean studies – will travel to India to study health inequities. He will split time between the Institute of Public Health in Bangalore and a field station in the Biligirirangana Hills in Karnataka, near the border with Tamil Nadu in South India.

Working as an interpreter in health clinics in Athens, Vineet observed the gaps in communication between providers and those with limited English proficiency. He outlined his concerns in a policy brief, published in a national policy journal, on the chronic shortage of interpreters and later joined a team of UGA researchers working to improve the health of the Latinx population in Athens by training community health workers to connect available resources to the affected community.

In his year working with the team, Vineet developed an appreciation for the power of communities in impacting health. “Just as policy has the power to improve the lives of thousands,” he says, “community initiatives can be leveraged to strengthen the health of individuals.”

During his time at UGA, Vineet also served as executive director of the Roosevelt Institute at UGA, a student-run, public policy think tank and was named to the Washington Leadership Program, which seeks to develop American leadership within the South Asian community. In that program, he served as an innovation intern with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

At the completion of his Fulbright year, Vineet plans to pursue degrees in medicine and public health, working at the intersection of healthcare and health disparities research.