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Fulbright Scholar Rebecca Carte

Fulbright Year: 2016-2017
Country: United Kingdom
Proposal Type: Research Grant
Field of Study: Sociology and Social Policy
Proposal Title: "The Impact of Race and Religion on Perspectives of Disability"
UGA Undergraduate Major: Anthropology
Graduation Date: Spring 2014
Hometown: Athens, Georgia

Rebecca has never forgotten the taunting and snickers directed at her sister Lori while the two were growing up. As she puts it, “The hurt and the anger I felt for my sister who has a disability fueled a personal mission to advocate for her and for other people who also experienced this kind of bullying and discrimination.”

A 2014 UGA graduate, Rebecca earned a certificate in human development and disability, which allowed her to dig deeper into advocacy and opportunities for people with disabilities as well as to learn more about the history of institutionalization in the U.S. Her Fulbright year will find her at the University of Leeds where she plans to pursue a Masters in Disability Studies and Global Development.

During her college career, Rebecca traveled to Bali, Indonesia, with a group to study the effects of tourism on indigenous cultures and Balinese Hinduism. While in the U.K., she plans to volunteer with the Children’s Society LEAP project or a similar agency that will enable her to work with people with disabilities. And if she finds any spare time, Rebecca says she looks forward to joining a British folk dance club “as an opportunity to engage with the community through a fun cultural experience.”

Rebecca, who has worked as an academic advisor in UGA’s Honors Program for the past two years, was a UGA Presidential Scholar and a member of the Georgia Christian Student Center and enjoyed participating with the Athens Folk Music and Dance Society. She also worked locally as a volunteer for Extra Special People, the Bigger Vision Homeless Shelter, Our Daily Bread, and Hope Haven of Northeast Georgia.

After her Fulbright experience in Leeds, Rebecca says she would like to pursue a Ph.D. in disability studies at either the University of Illinois in Chicago or Syracuse University in New York.

And she’ll always be in her sister’s corner.

“My goal is to further education and awareness of the global disability rights movement at the college level so that ultimately people like my sister Lori are seen for who they are, and not for what society tells them they can’t do,” she says.

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