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JUNE BRAWNER, Hungary, 2016-2017

Fulbright Year: 2016-2017
Country: Hungary
Proposal Type: Research Grant
Field of Study: Anthropology
Proposal Title: "Consuming Place and Policy in Hungarian Wine Regions"
UGA Degree Program: PhD in Crop and Soil Sciences
Hometown: Austell, Georgia

As a Ph.D. candidate in anthropology who studies the role geography and origin play in food production, June Brawner will be right at home during her Fulbright year.

Focusing on the implications of geographic and related policies on Hungarian wines, June will be making her fifth trip to Hungary in the last five years.

She spent two years teaching in Budapest after earning a master’s degree in social anthropology from Central European University.

“After two years of teaching, I knew it was time to pursue my ultimate goal of returning to study agriculture and its social aspects in order to embolden positive changes,” she says.

June will initially work with CEEweb, an environmental non-governmental organization that works on policy reform in Central and Eastern Europe. In order to conduct her research, she’ll collaborate with Hungarian scholars, wine producers, farmers, and vendors.

At the conclusion of her Fulbright year, June plans to graduate from UGA and pursue a career in research and policy reform, “bringing a holistic perspective in the implementation of just and sustainable food policy that is scientifically and ethically sound,” she says.

“Looking forward, my purpose is ultimately to work across academic and public spheres, nonprofits, and policy to inspire ethical change.”

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