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More information and applications are available at the following links:
Online application for High School Seniors
Application for Transfer Students
Application for First Semester Entry
Application for CURO Honors Scholarship
Application for Foundation Fellowship


For the following applications, download and save the editable PDF to your computer prior to starting the application.

Civic Engagement
Ash Service Award Application
Introduction to Markets and Enterprises Course Application
Honors Student Council Application (Watch the Honors listserv for announcements.)
Honors Policy Scholars Application (Watch the Honors listserv for announcements.)

Courses & Advising
Creating Honors Network Course Records
Honors Course Equivalents for the UGA General Education Curriculum
Graduation Distinction Worksheet/Application Process
Honors Interdisciplinary Studies Major Application
Honors Internship Course Credit Application
Honors Option Application

Visit the CURO website for research course forms and more

First-Year Experience
Honors Teaching Assistant Application

Scholarships & Awards
Ash Service Award
Crane Leadership Scholarship Application
Honors Domestic Experiential Learning Application
Honors International Scholars Program Application
Honors Internship Program Application (New York, Washington, Savannah)

Second-year Honors students may request access to the Mid-Term Foundation Fellowship Application after August 1 by emailing

Primary Contacts

Interim Associate Provost & Dean
Margaret “Meg” Amstutz
Assistant Dean & Director of Student Engagement & Programming
Maria de Rocher
Assistant Dean & Director of Scholarships
Jessica Hunt
Business Manager & Assistant to the Dean
Amanda Pruitt
Honors Front Desk
Christine Garmon
Director of Development
Debbie Daniel
Sr. Communications Coordinator
Stephanie Schupska
Recruitment & Enrollment Coordinator
Jason Payton

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