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Honors Option courses are those numbered 3000 or higher in which an Honors student earns Honors credit by completing an additional paper or project.

The deadline for the Honors Option Application is 10 days after drop/add.

Honors Experience pathways
Instructors who agree to provide an Honors Option for an Honors student can offer different Honors Experience pathways, including the following options:

  • Involving the student in a course-related research project
  • Giving the student a more in-depth class experience study through additional readings and small assignments
  • Working throughout the semester with the student on a special project
  • Allowing the student to prepare a course lesson and give a class presentation
  • Assigning the student a comprehensive annotated bibliography or significant paper

Who can teach Honors Option Courses?
All assistant professors, associate professors, and full professors may offer Honors credit to a student in their upper-level courses. Courses taught by academic professionals, visiting lecturers, or instructors and numbered 3000 and above may be offered for Honors credit if approved by the head of the department in which the course is taught. Students cannot earn Honors credit for courses taught by graduate assistants.

Additionally assigned work
Honors does not have any specific expectations for the additionally assigned work, as long as it goes beyond that which is otherwise listed on the course syllabus. Some faculty members require an additional essay or research paper; others extend the length and scope of an assignment already on the syllabus. Some professors have assigned class presentations or literature/journal reviews.

It is up to the instructor and the student to agree on what the additional assignment will be and to what extent the work will contribute to the final grade for the course (if at all).

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