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Below, you can read more about opportunities to invest in Honors by giving to our undergraduate research, internship, or international scholar programs.

An endowed gift is an investment in the future of the Morehead Honors College and its students. Though gifts to the Annual Fund are vital to the continuing operations of our program, endowed gifts allow for the creation of long-term building blocks that will ensure the growth of undergraduate research, internship, and travel-study opportunities. Giving to the Morehead Honors College by way of an endowed gift gives you the opportunity to remain informed about the growth and use of your gift. You will create a lasting legacy in the Morehead Honors College that will benefit students for years to come. Below, you can read more about opportunities to invest in Honors.

Undergraduate Research

CURO Apprentice works with her research mentor in the lab

Through the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO), the Morehead Honors College is a national leader in undergraduate research, and our students are rewarded for their efforts in their increased knowledge base, honed research skills, and acceptances into top-level graduate and professional programs. 

A special program within CURO, the CURO Honors Scholarship, offers academically talented students from underrepresented groups a unique opportunity for “hands-on” learning. Incoming first-year CURO Scholars are paired with faculty mentors. Over a two-year period, CURO Scholars engage in cutting-edge research with their mentors while refining their critical thinking and communication skills, and building their awareness of national and international issues, and potential career avenues.

The annual CURO Honors Scholarship stipend is $2,000. An endowment of $50,000 will provide one CURO Honors Scholarship per year in perpetuity.

Internship Programs

washington interns in front of the capitol

Every summer, our Honors Internship Program places students in internships in Washington DC, New York, and Savannah.  In Washington, our students have worked in congressional offices, executive agencies, law firms, media companies, private corporations, think tanks, and nonprofit organizations. In New York, students learn in a public health internship at the Greater New York Hospital Association. In Savannah, students are placed in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Georgia.

An Honors internship stipend averages $3,000. An endowment of $75,000 will provide one internship award per year in perpetuity.

Honors International Scholars Program

honors students traveling through the desert in Morocco

Understanding that we live in an increasingly global society, the Morehead Honors College encourages and facilitates meaningful cross-cultural study, work, and service for its students.  Our merit-based travel awards provide opportunities including traditional, university-sponsored study abroad programs, intensive language training programs, business and internship programs, and public service projects.

Following their transformative experiences abroad, students return to campus with a better understanding of our increasingly global society and planning ways to contribute to it. They also draw upon international experiences to guide their professional and personal development.

An Honors travel award stipend averages $4,000. An endowment of $100,000 will provide one travel award per year in perpetuity.

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