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adrienne winzer, south korea, 2015-2016
Fulbright Scholar Adrienne Winzer

Fulbright Year: 2015-2016
Country: South Korea
Proposal Type: English Teaching Assistantship
UGA Undergraduate Major: English
Graduation Date: Spring 2015 (Bachelor’s)
Hometown: Villa Rica, Georgia

Adrienne Winzer’s desire to teach English in South Korea comes with an interesting backstory.

“My reasons for choosing to teach in South Korea steam from my interests in the Korean language and Korean pop and hip-hop music,” she says. “My connection to South Korea was initiated by a Korean pop video on YouTube. I found the video to be so fascinating that I took the liberty of finding more music videos from various Korean artists. This exposure to the language through music really fostered my interests.”

In addition to her plans to attend “many concerts and entertainment events around town,” during her Fulbright term, Adrienne also hopes to join a recreational sports club in order to “play the sports I love while also getting to meet lots of new people.”

Adrienne, who will be teaching elementary level students, says her long-term career goal is to teach English in countries around the globe “to support and provide opportunities for the young language learners of the world.” She says, “I also want to teach abroad because I am interested in gaining a deeper understanding in cultures unlike my own.”

Along with her degree in English and her TESOL certification, Adrienne has honed her teaching skills by volunteering at two elementary schools in the Athens area. At one school, she led an after-school reading workshop with first-grade students and at another school she worked in a summer-school program with rising third-grade English language learners in a science-centric environment.

Adrienne believes that increasing conversational competence can best be achieved by utilizing activities that mimic real-life conversation.

“These include practices such as role play or simulations,” she says. “Role play and simulations offer students the chance to actively engage with the English language as they are forced to use language in a meaningful context. This method is authentic, low stress, and encourages participation through its interactive nature.”

Adrienne says that while in South Korea, she hopes to learn as much as she teaches.

“Fulbright will not only be a great teaching experience for me but also a great learning experience, inside the classroom and outside,” she says. “It gives me the chance to refine my teaching skills and continue working towards becoming a better teacher. I also look forward to being able to deepen my knowledge of South Korea as I immerse myself in the culture and become a member of my host community. Most of all, I look forward to being a student myself, learning from my students and the community.”

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