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tiffany chu, south korea, 2015-2016
Fulbright Scholar Tiffany Chu

Fulbright Year: 2015-2016
Country: South Korea
Proposal Type: English Teaching Assistantship
UGA Degrees: Bachelor’s in English, Master’s in English Education (dual degree program)
Graduation Date: Spring 2015
Hometown: Lilburn, Georgia

With career plans that include teaching in high school classrooms, Tiffany believes that her Fulbright year in South Korea will be beneficial to her future goals.

“I plan to teach English literature at the high school level for several years before pursuing a doctorate in curriculum, instruction, and teacher education,” Tiffany says. “Through working with teachers, I would like to exchange ideas about the importance of incorporating creativity, dialogical practices, and civic and cultural awareness into teaching.”

Tiffany also has a strong passion for photography and hopes to volunteer with a photography civic group.

“I am most looking forward to merging my love of photography with my Fulbright pursuits,” says Tiffany, who cofounded UGA Lens, a campus organization devoted to providing affordable photo shoots and donating any profits to a local elementary school’s art program.

“I have found that photography is one of the best ways to connect with others, whether they are strangers or longtime friends. I would love to create an extracurricular club for (South Korean) students to learn the basics of photography and explore the world around them through various lenses.”

Tiffany, who also hopes to advance her Korean language skills during her grant year, is excited to teach English in a country that retains many of its traditions while embracing the modern world. She plans to work with her students in discovering the equilibrium between the two.

“As an ETA, I will work with high school students to help them find a balance between maintaining their Korean traditions and values while still exploring creative and dialogical ways to approach their learning,” she says.

Tiffany says she has set a special goal to help her students in their studies – a pen pal program connecting Korean students to teens from the United States.

“By communicating through video and voice chats, I believe both Korean and American students will benefit from this cross-cultural experience,” she says. “They will likely discover unexpected commonalities and possibly even form longstanding friendships. My ultimate goal is to create an active learning environment that will help students overcome any fears of making mistakes and gradually build up their confidence.”

Tiffany eagerly awaits the challenges ahead during her Fulbright year: “The Fulbright program will provide me a context for academic and social learning, enabling me, upon returning to the United States, to share informed cultural knowledge with colleagues and students.”

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