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glenn branscomb (’13) management information systems, statistics

Glenn Branscomb didn’t come to the University of Georgia bent on an immediate immersion in statistics, but it didn’t take long before he’d put his toe in the water. “Essentially, I took a class with Dr. Chris Franklin," says Glenn, "and fell in love with the real-life application of math.”

Glenn’s summer was split between spending several weeks in China and serving an internship as a network engineer at Atlanta-based Layer 3 Communications LLC. While in China, Glenn attended a course at Neusoft Institute of Technology in Dalian, about two hours from Beijing

“I took a class on Globalization and IT and learned how China’s booming economy is going to change the global business landscape,” says the rising junior, whose study abroad experience came courtesy of his Ramsey Scholarship and the Honors International Scholarship Program. “There’s a big difference in the way China approaches things. They go all-out in China.”

With plans to pursue a master’s degree in statistics, Glenn – who as a first year took a UGA Study Abroad course in British Common Law at Oxford University in England – says he’d like to follow a career path into the alternative energy field. “I come from a family of environmentally conscious people," he says. "There has to be some economic incentive for these companies to succeed. Streamlining any process or getting competitive advantage in the global market will be what is necessary to take the next ethically correct step.”

A position with internet-based behemoth Google is Glenn’s idea of the ultimate occupation for a statistics-minded management information systems expert.

“That would be the dream job,” says Glenn, who this year plans to get involved with a statistics research project involving disease prevention tests. “When you talk about data management and data analysis, Google is one of the figureheads. Working for Google, I could take the MIS side and do data management. They also do a lot of environmental data aggregation and try to make sense of a lot of the information that other people have gathered. Working with that initiative is something I’d love to do.”

During his two years at UGA, Glenn has contributed his time to a number of worthwhile community-service pursuits, including working for Athens Free IT, which makes computer ownership a reality for many low-income residents in the area.

“Free IT Athens is an initiative to refurbish donated computers to turn over to people in the community who can’t afford them,” he says. “All I do is troubleshoot hardware and try to fix things.”

Glenn has also been involved in the Game Day Recycling program and has worked on the Ramsey Bilingual Service Directory. But he’s most proud of his work with the Global Text Project, an initiative – started by UGA Management Information Systems professor Dr. Richard Watson – creating easy access to 1,000 free electronic textbooks for underprivileged students all over the world.

Saying that his UGA experience has “more than exceeded my expectations,” Glenn adds that he’s enthused about all he’s received through the Ramsey Scholarship.

“There are great study abroad opportunities and there are great resources, who are also great friends, there all the time,” he says of Moore College. “It’s absolutely wonderful. If I have any questions about anything, ranging from academics to getting my wisdom teeth out, there are great advisors and advocates there to help. And in terms of the academic environment, if you ever want to have an intellectual conversation, you can go to the Foundation Fellows Library and test your wits with some of the brightest minds at Georgia, and that’s always fun.”

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