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HONS 1000H students are required to complete several specific parts of their online Honors Network profiles early in the semester and upload their HONS 1000H portfolios by the posted due date. To successfully fulfill these requirements, follow the instructions on this page. If you experience problems, notify your Honors Teaching Assistant as soon as possible.

Record your HONS 1000H section information

Your HONS 1000H section information consists of the call number for your section and the name of your Honors Teaching Assistant (HTA). You need to accurately record this information on your "My HONS 1000H Portfolio" screen so that Dr. Williams and your HTA can find your profile and portfolio in the system.

To record your HONS 1000H section information, log into the Honors Network, click on the "My HONS 1000H Portfolio" link at the top of the screen, and then click on the "Create My Portfolio" button. Read the instructions, select the correct HONS 1000H section entry for your section, and then click "Save" near the bottom of the screen.

The system will return to your "My HONS 1000H Portfolio" screen and display a message. Verify both of the following before proceeding to your main profile entries:

  • Message begins with a check mark and says "HONS 1000H Portfolio HONS 1000H: nnnnnn has been created." (where nnnnnn is your MyID); and
  • HONS 1000H Section information displayed is correct for your section of HONS 1000H.

If both are true, you're ready to fill out your main profile. If either is not true, click on the "Edit My HONS 1000H Portfolio or Section Information" button and try again. If you cannot resolve the problem, notify your HTA.

Complete Basic Info & Academics tabs of main profile

If you have not yet reviewed the “My main profile” tips on the student portal page, please do so now.  Then, click on the "My main profile" link near the top right of your Honors Network home screen.  Fill out the Basic Info and Academics tabs and then click “Save.” Every time you click “Save,” check the top of the screen for messages about entries that are missing or invalid. Your profile entries will not be saved until all errors are corrected. Every field marked with an asterisk on the Basic Info and Academics tabs must be filled in before you can successfully save your profile for the first time.

Upload your portfolio by the last day of classes

You will need a copy of your portfolio in Word or PDF format. Before uploading your file, make certain that the document is not open in Word, Acrobat or any other application. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Log back into the network and click on the "My HONS 1000H Portfolio" link in the upper right corner.
  2. Verify that your entry for HONS 1000H Section is correct.
  3. Click the "Edit My Portfolio or Section Information" button.
  4. Click the Browse button and navigate to the file for your portfolio.
  5. Once the path to your file is in the box, click the Upload button.
  6. Click "Save" at the bottom of this page. You should be returned to the "My HONS 1000H Portfolio" screen, where you will see a link to your portfolio. Note that the filename should now be in this format:
  7. To be certain that your portfolio uploaded correctly, click the link to your portfolio and verify that the file opens.
  8. Log out of your profile using the "Logout" link near the top of the web page.
  9. Close all open browser windows so that your CAS authentication is no longer active.
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