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Honors 1990H seminars are one-hour, pass/fail seminars which are offered on a wide variety of topics. They are designed to introduce students to a topic and to stir their intellectual curiosity as opposed to having them master a subject and therefore are graded on a pass/no credit grading system.

They prove to be popular among faculty because the students choose to do them out of intellectual interest rather having to take the courses as part of the curriculum.

Many Honors seminars are discussion-driven with professors assigning one or maybe two readings a week and using that as a springboard for discussion. Some Honors seminars include local field trips. Honors seminar faculty receive travel stipends.

Contact Margaret "Meg" Amstutz, dean of the Morehead Honors College, at 706-542-0532 or if you are interested in offering an Honors 1990H seminar.

View the current list of Honors seminar topics and descriptions.

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