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Moore College Instructional Technology

Moore College facilities include a computer lab, four general classrooms with Level III technology and several seminar rooms. All of these facilities are open to the university community and are wheelchair accessible. Faculty interested in scheduling a class in one of the rooms should contact the Sectioning Officer for their unit. With advance reservations, faculty may also bring students into the computer lab for a portion of a class period.

Computer Lab

The Honors Program operates a computer lab in Room 310 of Moore College. While some of the lab computers are occasionally reserved for use by Honors students (for post-advisement registration sessions and Honors 1000H classes), the lab is generally available for use by any UGA student. Faculty interested in conducting a portion of a class in the computer lab may contact Amanda Pruitt, assistant to the director of the Honors Program, at 706-542-0532 or to request a reservation.

Lab Hours

The computer lab is typically open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. every day the university is open. During the fall and spring semesters, the lab remains open until 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday on class days.

Lab Resources

In the computer lab, students have access to personal computers running the Windows XP Professional operating system, pay-for-print services, a flatbed scanner and an accessibility workstation. The following standard set of software is provided on all lab computers:

  • Microsoft Office Professional 2003
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • F-Secure Antivirus

Classroom Technology

Instructors who plan to use audio-visual equipment in rooms 102, 202, 302, or 309 Moore College should consider obtaining a cabinet key from the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) prior to the start of the semester. CTL is located in the plaza between the Psychology and Journalism buildings. Request an AV cabinet key for the appropriate classroom in Moore College. While some equipment can be operated without opening the cabinet, it is always necessary to have a key if you are loading CDs or DVDs into equipment housed in the cabinet. It is also helpful to have a key if problems arise.

Please review the following points about using computers in Moore College classrooms if you plan to be making computer-based presentations. Also, if your students will be expected to make presentations, share this information with them well in advance. This is the best way to ensure that classroom presentations run smoothly.

For further information about using the audio-visual equipment in classrooms 102, 202, and 302, see this document provided by CTL.

Using Provided Desktop Computers

Classrooms 102, 202, 302, and 309 have desktop computers.

All provided desktop computers run the Windows XP Professional operating system and have access to the internet.

The software installed on these computers includes Microsoft Office 2003 and the Office 2007 compatibility pack, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, common helper applications for browsers, such as Acrobat Reader, and F-Secure Antivirus software.

Connecting laptops to the projector

The projectors in classrooms 102, 202, 302, and 309 have VGA connectors for Windows-based laptop computers.

To connect a Macintosh laptop to the projector, you must provide your own VGA adapter. Be sure to have the correct connector for your Macintosh model. There are several variations.

Connecting laptops to the internet

Wireless access to UGA's PAWS network is available in all Moore College classrooms.

Scheduling Tutorial or Trial-Run Sessions

Honors Program staff are available to provide equipment use tutorials and help you test your presentations prior to class. Contact Amanda Pruitt, assistant to the director of the Honors Program, at 706-542-0532 or to schedule a meeting time.

Getting On-site Assistance

If you need assistance with equipment while you are in the classroom, please notify the person on duty at the front desk in the lobby of Moore College.

Primary Contacts

Associate Provost & Director of Honors
David S. Williams
Associate Director of Honors & CURO
Maria Navarro
Assistant to the Director of Honors
Amanda Pruitt
Honors Front Desk
Christine Garmon
Recruitment & Enrollment Coordinator
Tori Tanner
Assistant Director, Programming Coordinator
Maria de Rocher
Assistant Director, Scholarships Coordinator
Jessica Hunt
Assistant Director of Development
Colleen Pruitt
Communications Coordinator
Stephanie Schupska

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