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Fellows Spring Travel-Study

Group travel is a hallmark of the Fellows Program. First-year Fellows travel to New York and DC to interact with titans of finance, public health, government, and the arts. As they advance in their academic careers, Fellows take part in fully funded international spring travel-study designed by senior faculty.

In recent years, Fellows have traveled to Bali, Morocco, South Korea, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa, Cuba, and the Galápagos Islands.


Foundation Fellows riding camels in the Sahara Desert

Program Leader: Kenneth Honerkamp, Professor of Arabic, Islamic Texts, Shar’ia (Islamic Law), and North African Sufism

Academic Focus: North African Islamic Culture and Traditions

Leighton Rowell – Despite the language barrier, I immediately felt at home with my host family in Marrakech as my roommate and I got to know them over numerous cups of mint tea. From there, our group traveled through the High Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert with Dr. Honerkamp, an expert scholar and, from all appearances, a minor celebrity in Morocco. To learn about history and culture in a classroom is one thing, but with Dr. Honerkamp as our trip leader, we had the privilege of reading ancient manuscripts in the Library of Tamegroute, taking in the beautiful view atop the kasbah Aït Benhaddou, and learning firsthand about Islam on our visits to mosques in Marrakech. We goofed around, naming our camels in the Sahara and rolling down the dunes until we were too dizzy to stand. I came home with a new favorite meal (tagine and tea), a more profound understanding of Islam, and countless memories with some of my closest friends.

south korea

Foundation Fellow Madison Snelling learning how to play ceremonial drum in Korean temple

Program Leader: Hyangsoon Yi, Professor of Comparative Literature, Director of Korean Language and Literature, Director of Vietnamese Language and Literature, Director of Center for Asian Studies

Academic Focus: Zen Buddhism in South Korea

Giovanni Righi – We stayed in temples isolated from the city and nestled between the mountains of southeast Korea. There was an understanding that the intricate architecture of the buildings and the monastic routines were motivated by a deep desire to connect with an ultimate happiness and their respect for everything alive. We got to see all of these things thanks to the fantastic Dr. Yi and her personal relationship with the monastics.

Foundation Fellows in Jordan


three fellows in a village in fiji

Program Leader: Peter Brosius (Director, Center for Integrative Conservation Research and Professor of Anthropology)

Academic Focus: Sustainable Development and Eco-Tourism

Sheena Zhang – Traveling to Fiji and getting to know the families of Vindawa and Waitabu was truly a unique experience that pointed out aspects of Fijian as well as American culture. The relaxing atmosphere of ‘Fiji time’ was well contrasted by activities like playing volleyball with the fittest Fijians in our village, snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, and water-sliding among the stunning beaches dotted with leaning palm trees and clear blue waters. Bula!

John Marshall – The theme for the day posted outside the schoolhouse in Soso village was ‘LOVE.’ The chief of Waitabu village had traveled forty-seven years before choosing to return to be chief two weeks before we arrived there. Maria was a girl in secondary school who loved to play music, wanted to travel the world, and took advantage of hang-out time with us (while wearing her patriotic USA shirt) as a taste of foreign culture. In other words, our trip to Fiji was a provocative experience which still has me contemplating the meanings of home, travel, and different perspectives.

south africa

Foundation Fellow Rachel Sellers on safari in South Africa

Program Leader: Dr. William Finlay, Josiah Meigs Distinguished Professor and Department Head, Sociology

Academic Focus: Education and Economics in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Clara Nibbelink – South Africa was an interesting country to visit as a class, especially as more than half of us had studied human rights and education issues, the focus of our trip. From the breezy top of Table Mountain, overlooking the southern tip of the African continent, to the stoic memorials to anti-apartheid activists of Soweto, to seeing lions, elephants, and zebras at sunset in the bush, South Africa was an unreal experience for all of us.”

New York City & Washington, DC

Foundation Fellows at a Broadway show

Academic Focus: Finance, Theatre, Politics, and Public Health

Eytan Palte – Our first official Fellows trip exceeded all expectations. Aside from providing a bonding opportunity for the first-year class, the trip exposed us to an unmatched caliber of experts in their respective fields. Meetings with renowned food critic Molly O’Neill, economists Paul Krugman and Robin Wells, CNN commentator and political strategist Paul Begala, Senatorial Chiefs of Staff Chris Carr and Charlie Harman, and Chief Justice John Roberts provided unparalleled educational opportunities.

Alex Edquist – As an economics major hoping to go to law school after graduation, I got to meet and talk to two of my heroes – Nobel Prize-winning economist and columnist Paul Krugman and Chief Justice John Roberts. I’m amazed at what the Fellowship is able to give to us.

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