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From the moment Fellows and Ramseys arrive on campus, they build meaningful relationships with professors across disciplines, contributing to their development as scholars, researchers, and global citizens.

Vineet Raman – Transitioning from STEM research and into grassroots community health work, I couldn’t have had better luck when I happened upon the profile of Dr. Rebecca Matthew on the Latin American & Caribbean Studies Institute (LACSI) site. From our first meeting, Dr. Matthew has redefined the concept of mentorship and has sought to advance my own career in ways I didn’t know possible, while remaining cognizant of my development as a researcher, student, and human being. I’ve had the opportunity to present a poster at the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association in San Diego and am now working with primary health data for my thesis. Throughout all of this, Dr. Matthew has been an unyielding source of encouragement and energy, guiding me as the sole undergrad on an interdisciplinary team of professors and graduate students.

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Marianne Ligon – There are so many professors at UGA who have been supportive of my academic pursuits. I worked in the lab of Dr. Michael Terns starting my first year on campus and developed an extensive research project under his mentorship. Dr. Claiborne Glover, also in biochemistry, was a great resource, always willing to have a talk and give some quick career advice. And Dr. Kim Klonowski served as my UGA faculty contact while I conducted research abroad at Oxford University. I continued that work with Dr. K in her graduate-level Advanced Immunology class in my last semester.

Deep Shah – I had many educational opportunities before college, but it wasn't until I came to UGA and met Dr. Loch Johnson that I developed a vision for my life. Though previous mentors had helped cultivate my interests in science and health policy, Dr. Johnson demanded more than academic excellence. He expected me to use my gifts for others, and he helped me shape a career path toward that goal. Others have Dr. Johnson to thank for their careers in national security, education, even the arts. And, in an increasingly selfish age, our communities will have Dr. Johnson to thank for the commitment to service he inspired in us all.

Lucas Puente – One of my favorite aspects of UGA and the Foundation Fellowship was my extensive interaction with faculty. The university’s professors are undoubtedly its biggest asset and were fundamental to my intellectual growth and professional development. I am extremely thankful for the support and advice that my professors offered me throughout my time at UGA. I know these relationships will continue far into the future.

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