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Fellows and Ramseys meet Honors alum Fred Newman, creator of the cartoon Doug

Top faculty from departments across campus, Foundation Fellows alumni, industry leaders, and other experts lead activities for academic enrichment and networking throughout the year. Fellows are also provided with funding to attend film festivals, theatrical and aerial dance performances, and art exhibits. Some activities take place on campus, while others take place in professors’ homes, coffee shops, theatres, pottery studios, and museums.

recent dinner seminars & book discussions

A Conversation with Buddhist Monks Visiting from South Korea with Hyangsoon Yi, Professor of Comparative Literature, Interim Director of the Center for Asian Studies

Chris Lewitzke – I don’t know how many students across the country are able to have an intimate dinner with three Korean monks, but it can’t be that many. Hearing about their lives, what they believe, and why they believe it opened my eyes to a lifestyle I was unfamiliar with. The monks were very open about their beliefs and were willing to answer any questions we had, no matter how simple or philosophical.

Development and Delivery of Novel Therapeutics to Address Cancer with Michael Goldberg, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School

Cali Callaway – This casual discussion gave us a glimpse into the world of cancer research. Dr. Goldberg shared his perspectives on medicine, pharmaceuticals, and research and also his personal experiences in the realm of academia. His kindness and intellect made this seminar one of the most enjoyable of the semester.

Fellows at a suturing workshop

Emergency Medicine: How to Suture a Skin Wound with Lucy Fu and Claire Underwood Hailey, Fellows Class of 2011

Caroline Coleman – I don’t spend many Saturday mornings suturing skin wounds on semi-frozen pigs’ feet, but when I do, it’s with the Fellowship. Events like these have helped me solidify my career goals and interests. I officially decided to be pre-med the morning after this seminar, and it wouldn’t have been possible for me to decide on medicine with such conviction without this opportunity.

Night of the Living Dead Movie Night with Martin Rogers, Associate Director of Honors & CURO

Megan White – Thirty antsy moviegoers, one zombie expert, a campy yet unsettling horror movie, and ten different flavors of popcorn. I can’t think of a better way to get into the Halloween spirit. The Night of the Living Dead movie night at Ciné was an opportunity to watch a classic film on the big screen while picking Marty’s brain about its cultural significance. I left with a greater understanding and appreciation of the zombie genre, and I may or may not have slept with the lights on that night.

Frontier Energy Access with Bronson Lee, Fellows Class of 2000

Cameron Zahedi – Fellow alum Bronson Lee discussed how GE is addressing energy issues on multiple fronts, ranging from engineering new batteries for efficient storage to his own work negotiating supporting financial structure for new energy projects in Myanmar/Burma. He allowed all of us a window into his world and, in my case, provided the final push to solidify my career focus. He impelled me to put my skills to use in a career in the energy industry, starting with an internship with GE this summer. I hope one day I can return to give a similar presentation and inspire another student as Bronson inspired me.

Recent DINNER SEMINARS & Book Discussions

Betsy Allen Adams*
Go Set a Watchman

Jonathan Arogeti*
Peace Corps Comoros

Destany Arnold & Abby Jones
C5 Georgia Youth Foundation

ARTini’s Painting Workshop

Paul Begala
Dinner and Discussion with Political Commentator

Jeff Berejikian
Foreign Policy Decision Making

Pete Brosius
Indonesian Language Study and Internships

Jesse Chan*, Patrick Fitzmaurice*, Ryan Friday*, Camille Gregory*, Derek Ponticelli*
Finance and the Good Society (Shiller)

Dan Coenen
Federalist No. 10; Supreme Court Landmarks: Texas v. Johnson

Amy Lee Copeland*
Sharp Teeth

Rebecca Corey*
Revitalizing Cultural Heritage in East Africa

Kacie Darden* & Robyn Painter*
How to Clone a Mammoth

Lucy Fu* & Claire Underwood Hailey*
Emergency Medicine: How to Suture a Skin Wound

Julio Garin
Welfare Economics

John Gittleman & Alex Patterson
Lunch at the Odum School of Ecology

Michael Goldberg
Development and Delivery of Novel Therapeutics to Address Cancer at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Geales Goodwin*
Speak (L.H. Anderson) and Feed (M.T. Anderson)

Grace Elizabeth Hale
Child’s Play: Making Alternative Culture in Athens, Georgia during the Reagan Era

Billy Hawkins
The New Plantation: Black Athletes, College Sports, and Predominantly White NCAA Institutions (Hawkins)

Janette Hill
Online Education: Future Trends & Your Impressions 

Jessica Hunt*
War Books Club: All the Light We Cannot See, Catch 22, City of Thieves, A Constellation of Vital Phenomena, His Majesty’s Dragon, Nine Stories, The Rainy Spell, Regeneration, Redeployment, The Things They Carried

Mir Inaamullah* & Alex Squires*
Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman (Feynman)

Gary Jackson
Non-Tech Opportunities at Google

Gwen Kaminsky* & Kim Wilson*
Lean In (Sandberg)

Paul Kirschenbauer & Matt Tyler
R/LaTeX Workshop

William Kisaalita
Engineering Research Opportunities

Lisa Last*
Wildlife Diseases

Bronson Lee*
Facing the Fear (The Connection: Mind Your Body)

Josh McLaurin*
Elected Judges: By the People and For the People, Sorta 

Sancy Leachman
Melanoma Research at Knight Cancer Institute

Matt Levenson*
New American/New Southern Cuisine

Macbeth: Athens Town & Gown Theatre

Loris Magnani
Cosmology, Dark Energy, and Dark Matter: Is the Universe Really This Weird?

Vicki Michaels
LGBT Issues in Sports: How Sports Can Drive Change

Yannick Morgan*, Jasmaine McClain*, Payton Bradford*
Between the World and Me

Balaji Narain
DOMA, Voting Rights, and Affirmative Action: Recent Supreme Court Rulings

Gautam Narula*
Remain Free: A Memoir

Nicole Nation*
Expanding Healthcare & Improving Treatments in Rural Zambia

Kameko Nichols*
Global Health in Southern Africa: Riders for Health

Stephen Pettigrew
Big Data: Using Data & Statistics to Answer Practical Questions about the World

Todd Pitman, Associated Press Bangkok Bureau Chief
Causes & Consequences of Military Intervention in Emerging Nations, Advancing Reporting in Countries under Army Rule

James Porter
Climate Change and Human Conflict

Nevada Waugh Reed*
Addressing the Total Needs of Children with Neurological and Psychological Diagnoses

Martin Rogers
Movie Night at Athens Ciné

Amy Sexauer*
Diagnostic Cases and Applying to Medical School

Sarah Shannon
$2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America

Robert Sinyard
“I Hope You Dance” – Interventional Cardiology

Meghan Skira
Marriage Markets: How Inequality Is Remaking the American Family

Lori Surmay
Human Sexuality, Reproduction, and the Law

Jenny Taylor*
How does Helicobacter pylori get its famous curves?

Fran Teague
On Writing Well (Zinsser)

Jennifer Thompson
Race and Risk: What Do Students Think about Direct-To-Consumer Genetic Tests?

Peter R. Wilder
Personal Finance Seminar

David S. Williams
A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Vincent Wimbush
Dinner with Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar

Hyangsoon Yi
A Conversation with Buddhist Monks Visiting from South Korea

Sheena Zhang*
Designing the Science Learning Center: An Introduction to the Design Process and Charrettes

student participating in a trapeze workshop

Bill McDaniel, FF Alumnus ’84
“It’s been 25 years since I graduated, and I can still see and hear:

  • Former Secretary of State and UGA law professor Dean Rusk caution us against overspecialization as we moved forward with careers (he spoke at length on the need for those who can see both the forest and the trees).
  • Art professor and internationally recognized artist Lamar Dodd discuss his latest creations, a series of intricate paintings of open heart surgery in various states of progress.
  • Chuck Bullock, political science professor and frequent commentator on all things political in Georgia, explain the then-unexpected Reagan landslide as we watched election returns at his home in November 1980.
  • Dan Magill, UGA tennis coach and the true historian of UGA athletics, recount Bulldog exploits and discuss the incredible growth of the athletics program over several decades.
  • UGA ecology professor and father of modern ecology Eugene Odum guide the Fellows on a tour of facilities tucked back in the woods just off the Oconee River.


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