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“I support the Honors Program because it provides an opportunity for Georgia's best students to fully develop their potential in a competitive environment. The Honor's program is the crown jewel of The University of Georgia and is amongst the finest Programs of its kind in the United States. It is my pleasure to support this effort.”
Howard Young - Honors Program Alumnus, Parent, Board Member, and Friend of the Program

“There is no better way to keep the best and brightest Georgians in the state than to offer a superior Honors education at the University of Georgia. So giving to the Honors Program is a great way for me to invest in the future of the State of Georgia and UGA.”
John Spalding - Double Dawg and Honors Alumnus, past Board Member, and Friend of the Program

“The Honors program was essential to my development as a student at UGA, and some of my most rewarding experiences were through the Honors Program. As opposed to other departments at UGA, the Honors Program attempted to empower students to help them achieve the most out of their time at UGA. I feel that the Honors Program staff was always focused on doing everything in their power to help me succeed. When I give money to the Honors Program, I know that it will be used to maximize the potential of the students at UGA.”
Patrick Dever - Honors Program Alumnus and Alumni Board Member

“It’s important to me because it’s a real, tangible way that I feel like I’m helping make the future a brighter place. Not just for the students I come in contact with, but for me and every other person in the world. These are the best and brightest up and coming 'everythings' in the world. And if I can help them achieve their magnificent goals, we’ll all be better for it.”
Kimberlee Curley - Honors Program Alumna, Board Member, and Friend of the Program

“I would like there to come a time when UGA is mentioned in the same breath as Berkeley, Michigan, UNC, UCLA ...  UGA has made a strong push in that direction and the UGA Honors Program has been at the forefront of that progress. In fact, the UGA Honors Program is already mentioned in the same breath as the elite public honors programs. This is why I gladly support the UGA Honors Program.”
Charles Cantrell - Honors Program Alumnus and Friend of the Program


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