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Each month, new donors will be added to the $1,000+ Donor Honor Roll. To those of you who have given to the Honors Program, thank you! With your support, we will continue to improve and thrive.

2012-2013 HONOR ROLL

Dr. and Mrs. Lonnie Herzog
Mr. Stanley Wade Shelton and Mrs. Dorothe F. Shelton
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Gay
Mrs. Virginia Buck
Ms. Susan Waltman and Mr. Thomas Barry
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller
Mrs. Doris Ramsey
Dr. Susan Hill
Dr. Margaret Amstutz
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Wolf
Mr. Ted Hester
Mrs. Alisa Adamson and Mr. Guy Adamson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kane Jr.
Mr. John Peifer
Mr. Larry Thrailkill
Mr. William Brooks Andrews
Ms. Eleanor Banister
Mr. and Mrs. James Holbrook
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Quirk
Mrs. Kathryn Ash and Mr. Darren Ash
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cantrell
Mr. and Mrs. John Spalding
Dr. and Mrs. Steve Wrigley
Ms. C. Becton Ford
Ms. Kimberlee Wilson
Ms. Ward Milner
Dr. Julie Steiner
Dr. Kim Yancey
Ms. Cindy Salkowski
Drs. Lewis
Mr. Harvey Spiegel
Ms. Ellen Spitz
Stamps Family Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Larry Millard
Ms. Cheryl Goldsleger
Mrs. June Arata
Ms. Kimberlee Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Royce Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Arroll
Dr. Garner Wild
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Swindall
Mr. J. Paul Whitehead
Mrs. Deborah Maslia
Mr. JC Seattle
Mr. Charles Butler
Cindy and Joe Edwards
Mrs. Ellen Hale Jones
Mr. and Mrs. F. Sheffield Hale
Mrs. Jann Johnson Bellamy
Ms. Patricia Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Krass
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Holman
Abhay and Sulabha Paranjape
Mr. Stefano Righi
Ms. Umbertina Vezzani
Drs. Carmel and Jaya Joseph
Dr. Goga Vukotic
Mr. and Mrs. William Searcy
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Twomey
Mr. and Mrs. John  Meier
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Geddes
Mr. James  Miller

2011-2012 Honor Roll

Mr. Stanley Wade Shelton and Mrs. Dorothy F. Shelton

Dr. Sylvia McCoy Hutchinson

Mr. Larry W. Millard and Ms. Cheryl Goldsleger

Darren and Kathryn Ash

Ms. Susan Carol Waltman and Mr. Thomas M. Barry

Stamps Family Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Virginia Coleman Drosos

Dr. Lonnie Herzog and Mrs. Kim Herzog

Mrs. Evelyn Gowen Wood and Mr. Royce E. Wood

Dr. Robert Darnell Sinyard Jr. and Mrs. Leslie Smith Sinyard

Rebecca and Charles Lott

Mr. McKee Nunnally Jr. and Mrs. Sally Nunnally

Mr. Scott Garret Sink and Mrs. Linda Gill Sink

Mr. and Mrs. James Whidden Childs

Dr. and Mrs. A. Joseph Edwards III

Mr. and Mrs. Neal Jerome Quirk

Mr. and Ms. Harvey R. Spiegel

Mr. and Ms. Larry D. Burns

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Been

Dr. and Mrs. Steve W. Wrigley

Mr. and Mrs. John Phinizy Spalding

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Clark, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Robert David Jansen

Mr. David Tate Aiken

Kimberlee and James Wilson

Ms. Ward T. Milner

Mr. and Mrs. McKee Nunnally, Jr.

Dr. Julie Lynne Steiner

Dr. Amanda Jane Downs

Anne and Michael McGlamry

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thomas Cantrell

Alisa and Guy Adamson

Mr. William Brooks Andrews

Mr. F. Sheffield Hale

Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Gay

Jane S. Willson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Vijaya Palaniswamy

Kimberlee and James Wilson

Ms. C. Becton Ford

Mr. Charles Ford

Ms. Eleanor Banister

Mr. Ted Hester and Ms. Amy Dunbar

Mr. John Peifer and Dr. Deborah Lee

Mr. J. Paul Whitehead III

Mrs. Jann Johnson Bellamy

R.W. and Lynda Courts

Mrs. Virginia Buck and Mrs. Nancy Buck

Mr. David Dawei Fu

Ms. Patricia S. Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. E. Roe Stamps IV

Ralph and Sandra Jernigan

Mr. Mike Maltby

Dr. and Mrs. Fred Shessel

Mrs. June Arata

Mr. David Stockert and Ms. Cameron Ives

Austin and Clayton Kennedy - John G. Kennedy Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Knoblock

Mr. and Mrs. William Searcy

Drs. Jayendrak and Meena Shah



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