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Morehead Honors College annual fund

The Annual Fund is the engine that drives the Morehead Honors College.

It helps support our mission to provide students with a rigorous and rewarding undergraduate experience.

Each year, the Annual Fund makes it possible for students to participate in research, travel-study, and internships. It also facilitates numerous student organizations that are making a difference on campus and are facilitating the growth and development of our students.

The Annual Fund can accept gifts of all sizes, and all are important in making our programming and scholarship stipends possible.

Every gift, no matter the size, will enrich the academic and extracurricular experiences of students in the Morehead Honors College.

To everyone who has already contributed to our Annual Fund, thank you. Please help us by maintaining your support. If you have not yet made a gift to the Annual Fund, please strongly consider participating. Your support is vital to the continued success of the Morehead Honors College and its students.

A gift of $250 provides funding for one book discussion, Lunchbox Lecture, or Alumni Connection. These programs allow students to explore topics with UGA faculty members and discuss potential career paths with Morehead Honors College alumni.

A gift of $500 provides funding for one to two students to attend a research conference. Participating in research conferences allows our talented undergraduates to learn about groundbreaking research at the graduate and doctoral level and can also give them the opportunity to present their remarkable research.

A gift of $3,000 provides funding for one CURO Summer Fellow. This program provides opportunities for intensive, immersive, faculty-guided research experiences for academically talented undergraduates.

A gift of $4,000 provides a one-time internship or travel-study stipend. Our Honors in Washington, Savannah, and New York Internship Programs place students in real-world learning environments in order to expand their horizons, develop their skills, and broaden their understanding of the industries in which they desire to work. Students use travel-study stipends to travel through university-sponsored study abroad programs, university exchange programs, intensive language-training institutes, internships, and public service projects.

A gift of $5,000 provides a year of funding for Roosevelt, a student-run think-tank that is helping to cultivate leaders in our student body by engaging them in meaningful debate about politics, policy, and government and encouraging them to take action to reshape their communities. In recent years, three Truman Scholars, two Rhodes Scholars, and one Marshall Scholar have been active Roosevelt participants.

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